Took on the task of consolidating all my various web stuff this weekend. It was a bigger task than I imagined.

Last week I purchased a dedicated server from ubiquityservers, I’ll write some more up about that experience later as its still ongoing, but suffice to say, its a fairly beefy box and I’m able to run ESXi 5 on it, which is something I’ve wanted to do for along time.

So far I’ve managed to install configure ubuntu server 12.04, setup the LAMP stack, and import all my web from Doing all this has shown me how spoiled i’ve gotten from using hosting services and not playing with config files, network services, etc etc.

Still up, couple more websites and an IRC server, ossec monitoring.

Trying out this new intense debate plugin for WordPress. Not that there is much debate on my blog or that its intense, but it seems to be a simple to use plugin which allows for spam filtering also. I also blame Zai for this idea.

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I downloaded the newest Ubuntu to toy with in VMware and I really had the great desire to strangle who ever decided it would be a good idea to move the minimize, maximize, and close buttons to the LEFT side of the window bar.

pic of window bar

After my momentary, are you kidding me, thoughts, it occurred to me that OSX has the same setup.

Now, interestingly enough I have a Mac and I use the left side buttons on it. Yet for at least a hour I continued to try to click at the right to get things closed in Ubuntu. Muscle memory, for those who do not think consciously about where to click when getting rid of, was going to cause me headache for the foreseeable future.

So to save you the headache I went through, enjoy the fix (from the command line):

gconftool-2 –set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout –type string “menu:minimize,maximize,close”

Test post to Posterous from TED one of my favorite places to see glimpses into the future. Also testing cross posting to my personal wordpress site.

Posted via web from Benjamin’s posterous

For years I’ve always been of the opinion that file sharing was an obviously un-winnable war which content publishers needed to accept already. But how futile their efforts will become didn’t occur to me until I was grabbing a torrent of a file and decided to peak at the list of connections out of curiosity. To my amazement, every single one was encrypted. I remember this being talked about, but that it has gotten so widely adopted and is completely transparent to the end user was interesting to me.

I was amused by Steven Colbert’s trip to Iraq as apart of the USO efforts to provide releif for service members abroad. Hulu even allows you to edit a clip, so here it is in all its glory:

I have always believed that the mouse and keyboard would be on their way out sooner or later, but the new method of working with a computer has always been something of scifi story. This video is the first working model of something I could see being viable in the future. 

Full article over at

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been sucked into the world of Second Life. Its nearly endless growth in size and the possibilities that lie in the future for such a rich 3d world. But there is one rather painful downside of having a world completely created by its users. The fact that users while creative are rarely good at producing optomized content. Texture sizes of all different dimensions, runaway scripts which can grind a simulator ( the term for a single space of 256×256 sqm of land on a server) to a halt. My recent run in with a new user and his car really hammered this point home. 7 scripts in his car, compared to over 700 total in the simulator. Only problem being his 7 scripts were using 35% of the resources avalible. Needless to say when I inquired if he was aware of the problem, I was told he paid 2,800 $L (inworld currency), which is about 10 USD. That price for a laggy car will have to be saved for another rant.

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I have seen a few TED presentations via YouTube and other links and for the most part they are all very interesting, but I have not seen an argument laid out on copyright and the problems we currently face in the United States as well as this one has. Watch and learn?


After a minimal amount of tinkering, I finished my reload of Linux / XUbuntu and got my desktop cleaned up rather nice I think. Its a combination of using Conky which produces the nice graphs & harddrive information and awn menu bar which in combination makes a very clean desktop. Minimal work to get it all going, but definaintly not something a novice on linux could do. More tinkering to come after painful Wireless exam on monday.

current screenshot