After a minimal amount of tinkering, I finished my reload of Linux / XUbuntu and got my desktop cleaned up rather nice I think. Its a combination of using Conky which produces the nice graphs & harddrive information and awn menu bar which in combination makes a very clean desktop. Minimal work to get it all going, but definaintly not something a novice on linux could do. More tinkering to come after painful Wireless exam on monday.

current screenshot

After a quick heatsink fix on the server, things seem to be running smoothly. After a little tinkering, setup mrtg (multi router traffic graph) which works for things other than routers:


iNet Traffic 

Even one for mail: 

Mail Traffic

And one for spam 🙁

 Spam Traffic

I’ve been working on some anti-drone stuff for Rizon (the chat network i’m staff at) and going to try and get some graphs from the data next.