Its been awhile since i’ve setup a PPTP server in linux but the overhead of server 2003 for under 10 users is hard to justify the cost. I’ve compiled a short how-to for reference. This is based off Ubuntu 8.10 but would most likely work for any flavor of both Ubuntu or Debian.

Install software…

aptitude install pptpd

Get your ip address

ifconfig – get eth0 ip address

First Config File

sudo nano -w /etc/pptpd.conf

what is -w? it turns off automatic line wrapping

Edit the following information:

localip (this address should be the IP address of your server [inet addr] when you type ifconfig, see above )

remoteip (this will provide you with 6 working IPs (aka a /29))

Get your DNS Servers

cat /etc/resolve.conf  ( your looking for the numbers after the word nameserver )

Second Config File

sudo nano -w /etc/ppp/options

Edit the following information:

ms-dns (replace information from /etc/resolve, copy only the IP)


Third Config File

sudo nano -w /etc/sysctrl.conf

fine the line that says:


remove the #

This will allow the kernel to foward packets to your VPN clients

Final Config File

sudo nano -w /etc/ppp/chap-secrets


username service password ip

(* will allow any IP address to conncet)

alice pptpd secret-password-here  *

bob pptpd secret-password-here *

Lastly, reboot.

When your machine comes back up, you may need to /etc/init.d/pptpd start