The Wall Street Journal has a story running that the RIAA the group behind the mass lawsuits against file sharing in the US will stop filing new lawsuits. It goes on to note CD sales are still in decline and the PR of taking almost 40,000 people to court has resulted in various mishaps along the way, including a dead person and a thirteen year old girl. Instead it will attempt to force our Internet Service Providers to do the policing for them. The number of problems with this idea are too many to list in this short ramble. But one comment on the article raised an interesting idea, that maybe the RIAA has finally met some resistance and are changing directions before the door on their lawsuits gets closed.

I’ve not written about anime on this blog yet, but it is something I find interesting, especially in some of the complex topics which are unable to be covered by traditional media. Time of Eve is a story about a future where androids have become common place. They revolve around three rules which are suppose to govern all actions of the androids. The quality of the animation is also rare and the release method signals a change in the problematic fan-subtitling versus US publishers approach. The first three episodes are available for free streaming at   The story revolves around a cafe which the only rule is treat everyone the same, android or human.