For a seeming eternity Ubuntu has for whatever reason failed to ship a version which upon install that can pair properly with Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard. Bug after bug has been filed on this to no avail. So to my lack of suprise, after installing the new 10.4 (Lucid Lynx), Bluetooth would not pair with the keyboard.

Luckly, the situation has seem to improved to the point where only two changes are needed to get it working:

aptitude install blueman

  • Add hid_apple to /etc/modules (must be first) to allow Bluetooth to survive a reboot.

Progress? Kinda…..

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  1. I buyed it today and will test tomorrw.
    How can set se settings for the fn- keys?

  2. should have some details. I personally haven't bothered to fight with that setting.

  3. keybord properties in the system preferences list check the layout tab

  4. Jut gave it a try, worked like a charm after sudo modprobe hid_apple

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